Shahidul Alam. A bit of notes.

Shahidul Alam is from a middle class family, he went to the university to do live sciences, Shahidul Alam had moved to Newyork where he had taken many photographs and later on tried to experiment with them in the darkroom. He was a social worker and loved what he did, finding out, the photographs he had taken were important to the job he was doing and there fore moved out,and also took photographs in London professionally.

Shahidul Alam was more interested in photojournalism and wanted to do documentary photography, later on, he moved to Bangladesh and got involved into a democratic party, Not only working for the democratic party, he also worked for the NGO. Looking at the situation in Bangladesh,in 1989, he started his own agency for the locals, the main aim was to hear stories from the locals and also wanted the locals to take photographs globally, he had a plan of creating a festival where the world could come to Bangladesh 2010. Shahidul Alam had set up a department of multi-media
and journalism for the postgraduates and especially training women to be photographers, working with several projects, he started with a new programme called the “Rural Vision” the idea was to produce multi-media feeds using the ipod touch, and mainly stories about the rural areas in Bangladesh, Shahidul Alam got his inspiration from the African story tellers and the stories them self. Learning how to tell a stories, we expect so much from the media.

Personally I think Shahidul Alam has achieved so much in the media department, not only looking at his profession but as a human being how he helped others in the rural areas using the skills he had, I think documentary or photojournalists are not just story tellers but also informers. For me, the highest achievement he has got was getting the women trained to become photographers. Especially in that area of the world.



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