Basically, I was in the library looking at the photography books showing documentaries or story telling especially places or some thing similar.

After looking at a few books, I found a book called End Time City by Michael Ackerman, going through the photographs and reading the story, I found it interesting. Michael had photographed the place called Benaras in India, he looked into the streets of Benaras. “The city of Benaras is an intense combination of fairy tales and nightmare” had said Michael Ackerman in his book. Benares is a holly place for the indians and a never ending pilgrimage.

Looking through the book,personally, I think it goes well with the story and the title, when I was looking at the photographs, every picture had a different story, In the book we see both sad and happy moments. I had noticed that all the sad moments were on the streets of Benaras(start and end of the book) where as, if we look into the middle of the book, we see people in a good mood.(religious place). Most of the photographs in the book show a sad expression to the viewer and what I liked about the work was that most of the pictures were blur which showed up a ghosty look, Although there were detailed photographs with close-ups. Looking at the technique of the photographer, I wasn’t impressed by the way he photographed the subject especially looking at the angles. Over all, I was inspired by the work of Michael Ackerman, especially the selection of photographs and how he connected them to the title of the book and of-course the story he wanted to tell to the audience.


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