A Post Photographic Portrait.(LOVE FOR MONEY)


For this project, my inspiration was Ali Zafer, Ali Zafer is a Pakistani musician, composer, singer, song writter, painter and a film actor in India, what inspires me about him is that by time he becomes an all rounder. I got my idea from his video song called  sur re sajania meaning listen my love. For this module, I had thought of moving out of the box and getting my inspiration from a singer or an actor. 

Ali Zafer


From the start of the module, I knew what I wanted to do, this time I wanted to try out a movie trailer kind of which I didnt do before, What is different about it is that I used only photographs and yes I used a video from a movie at the end.

For the project, as part of the research I looked at various movie trailer from Youtube which helped me in making a story of my choice. The movie trailers also helped me technically and more of it, I got ideas on how I was going to make the movie trailer. I looked at Matt Ford, the interview from Phonar as well.

A few trailers I looked at,  one of them were,


The whole trailer is about Love and Trust but leaving suspense at the end of the video for the viewers to think, I had used the 50mm lens for the first time and never used before, the movie has 3 phases.

First phase, the story starts from a love scene where by my subject(s) walk through a path together(camera on the tripod and shots taken from the front), until they sit down on a bench in a garden, have a chat with smiles on their faces, we see the subject(s) in action and I had taken the shots from different positions at different times, for this phase, I had kept my shutter speed high(ISO 200) with good light, using the auto focus of the camera and lens, coming back to the video, after the chat they have on the bench, the couple leaves the place and walks through a small path to the exit. This time most of the shots are taken from behind the subject(s). Not to forget a decent background music is added.

Second phase,(a very different situation) we see the subject removing a wallet from a table in a room,(low light conditions, high ISO,shutter speed high) here I took close ups,shots from different positions and angles, and yes background music changes in phase 2 with more of suspense. We see different moods of the subject, light conditions change from dark to light. The subject moves out of the rooms and climbs the stairs. Just after that, Hassan, is seen, coming towards the stairs, I had taken the shots from the stairs.

Third phase, is where I cut a fight scene from Mr. and Misses Smith movie, and put it together with the shots I had taken earlier using the windows movie maker,not to forget I had selected my own background music. In the movie, we see different time pace and some text as well. At the end, we see the movie’s name rotating with a 3D touch.( at pictures at a speed of 0.50 sec).


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