24 Hours Task(group work)

Hello, You need to go to Moodle, download the 24hr Research task and deliver it by 10am Thursday 16th January by posting it on your blog and sending me the link. The 1 Week task needs to be completed by next session. Your team is called “The Leftovers” and Alice is your Captain.

24hr Team Research Challenge. Make a portrait (sound recording/movie/image) of a local and active club or society member. The group to which they belong must be discernible from the image/piece. The individual cannot be a student, nor can they be in any way linked to the University. The portrait must be made with their consent and allow for web publication. Begin your search online at the local Gov website and then onsite at the local library. Your “specified market (LO5)” will be by JW and marking will be entirely subjective – JW’s word final. Marks will be awarded for : Timeliness. Quality of portrait. Choice of subject. Resourcefulness. Narrative and Presentation.

Vampires Rock

Starring – Steve Steinman & The Lost Boys


An actor (alternatively actress for a female; see terminology) is a person portraying a character in a dramatic or comic production; she or he performs in: film, television, theatre, or radio.[1] Actor literally means “one who interprets”an actor, then, is one who interprets a dramatic character.

Following this, our portrait is of Steve Steinman who plays the evil Baron Von Rockulain the ‘smash hit classic rock spectacular’ Vampire Rocks. Vampire Rocks is a touring theatre production which holds a twist of rock and a hint of musical theatre. It is simply formed of six cast members, plus their band which is an added five.

“Great music, Great entertainment, what more could you ask for?” – Capital FM Arena

This small group tour all around the UK seeming to blow the minds of their viewers through their stunts with fire and impressive dancers.

Steve Steinman is the leader of this touring cast, he has been part of Vampire Rocks for 10 years and our photograph is from his second to last show. The show openly admits that it’s their fans which keep the show new and interesting and that the power of social networking has certainly been a big help to them in gaining extra strength and will power to continue and add new ideas to their shows. Their fans are of extreme importance to them, as they rely on their suggestions as to what songs should be performed and even what venues they should play at. The audience mainly consists of ‘hard core’ rock/gothic fans who share a Facebook page dedicated to the production. We wanted to capture the power and authority Steve most certainly has within this team and it seems he is almost like a father figure to his family of crew members. Not only is their crew family, but it also seems that they have a family of fans, who will travel all over the UK following them and attending more than one of their performances.

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