Alfredo Jaar (The Rwanda Project)


Alfredo Jaar is an artist, architect and a filmmaker who lives and works in New york. Alfredo Jaar has many recent projects namely, “lights in the city”1999, “The skoghall Konsthall” 2000, “A logo for America” 1987 and so on.
Alfredo Jaar’s recent project, “The Rwanda Project” from 1994 to 2000 looked interesting to me which was dedicated to the Rwanda Genocide.

Basically, the Rwanda Genocide was the killing, in large numbers of the Tutsis by ethnic Hutus which took place in 1994. Over 500,000 people were killed during the Rwanda Genocide due to the controlled power of the Tutsi and the majority of the Hutu, who had come to power in the rebellion.

Alfredo Jaar followed the news of the Rwanda Genocide, and found out that New york times had causally mentioned that 35 thousand people had died,washing on the kagera river. Alfredo Jaar’s work named “untitled”(Newsweek) gets his idea from the luck of coverage and all the magazines ignoring the news in Rwanda and therefore shows his work in a different way. Alfredo Jaar sequences the newsweek news covers(17 covers) to the last one called “Hell On Earth” which was about the Rwanda Genocide.


19-HdK_Alfredo_Jaar_Newsweek_017bAlfredo Jaar’s  work questions the newspapers about the luck of coverage, Personally I really appreciated his work due to the technique he had used of expressing him self.



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