1st draft Symposium

1st draft

A few days back, before doing the final presentation, we as a class were asked to make our first draft. The first draft gave us an idea on how we were going to develop our presentation.

In the first draft, I had issues in presenting because I was not ready and didn’t get enough time to make the presentation. At some point it let me down because of the words I had used in the presentation, I talked with out a script which was really hard and with out any practice. My first draft was more of a plan than an argument of the topic I had selected. I was confident and had a passion of talking about Africa, which led me to the next level. There was luck of research, and needed a structured presentation.(Introduction, main body and conclusion)

After presenting,I was given feedback, my topic was approved although I needed to do some changes.

-Changing the Title of the Topic.

-Spelling mistakes.

-Cutting down unwanted material e.g Kony.

-Making a script.

-Arranging/Structuring my work.


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