Radhika Chalasani

For my symposium, one of the photographer’s I chose was Radhika Chasani. Radhika Chasani is from New York, working as a photojournalist worldwide but mostly in Africa for example she covered the drought in Sudan and did a personal story on AIDS in Uganda, although she has work from India and Vietnam. Radhika Chalasani also worked for Organisations like UNICEF,Newsweek,The UN high commission for refugees and CNN. Her strength is her Black and White photographs taken in Africa, and she is an award winning photojournalist.

In my presentation, I chose two works of Radhika Chalasani from Africa, the first one was about the AIDS in Uganda: Caroline’s story.

Caroline's StoryIn this picture, we see Caroline who has AIDS, the photograph mainly focusses the upper body of the subject for example the hands and the face, the photograph is cropped and we notice her wide eyes due to the illness not forgetting that she looks weak.

Secondly, I chose the work from the Sudan drought,

Drought in SudanThis is one of the photograph’s I chose from the series ‘Sudan famine’  the image is not clear if its a man or a woman due to the illness and the way the photo was taken, the subject looks weak and helpless . Personally I think there is a connection between the 2 images because both are in a critical condition. The reason why I chose these images was to show, What kind of images are we used to seeing of Africa.




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