Evaluation/Reflection (Symposium).

The 3rd year photography students did their presentations on the 26th of February 2014. On the symposium day, the speakers arrived at the Herbert Gallery(where the symposium took place) around 8.45 am, although we had planned of meeting earlier. The event was named as Image19 Symposium. The day was planed as shown below,

plan    speakers

I presented my work on ” QUESTIONING THE (MIS)REPRESENTATION OF AFRICA THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY”. I chose to present my symposium was a powerpoint presentation because I was confident enough to talk directly to the audience. Personally, I think doing a presentation on Africa was a bit emotional and why I used a powerpoint rather than making a video was because I could express my thoughts and research better this way. High confidence levels and eye contact with the audience was the key for my presentation.

I chose this topic as I was interested in how Africans were shown from the outside world especially when it comes to the news. When I came to the Uk, I noticed, what people from the west  think about Africa for example maybe talking about a political issue, Poverty and so on. In my presentation I used examples of photographers  and how they portray Africa, Photography is one of the powerful tools used in the media today, most of the times, what we see is what we believe, but we never think about the other side when it comes to Africa, and in that case I started by showing the map of Africa made out of words, which we are used to seeing for example lets say poor,AIDS and poverty, later on in my presentation I showed the other side of Africa for example Jobs,Capital e.t.c.

Coming to my talk, to be honest, I am someone who feels uncomfortable while reading and having an eye contact with the audience, what I like is just speaking. Before I did my presentation, on the practice session, I had issues with the language or words used and mainly forgot some main points, it was obvious because this was a ten minutes presentation. Mr. Shawn, my professor advised me to write a script and use it for the symposium which I did later on. I was not nervous but it felt hard to read and have eye contact with the audience although my Colleagues appreciated my talk which felt good and that motivated me more for the FMP.

Our group talked about “Representation of Social Demographics”and later on we answered the questions from the audience. Questions and Answered can be found on

It was a good experience not only doing the presentation but looking at new photographers and artists. It was good to see new ideas from the work of the photographers and artist I looked at especially Alfredo Jaar’s style of working. Such ideas could help in my final exhibition. My final practical photography project is about Africa and therefore there is a connection between my symposium and the FMP although the ideas might be different. My plan for the final project is to show a Journey to Karamoja from Kampala,which is also about the different points of view and representation of a place, I have a few ideas in my mind and will soon update my blog.

By finishing my reflection, we as a team were happy at the end of the symposium because of the motivation we got from the professors. Personally, I think we should do projects with interest and should have a good relation between the speaker and the audience.


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