task 1 354MC

Prepare an informal presentation that introduces the audience (some of your cohort and tutor) to your work and where you hope to situate it.

It all started when I was doing my diploma course in September 2010, one of my favourite professor’s, Craig, was telling me about “story telling”(Narrative) and how we could use photography to tell a story, after doing a few projects on story telling using photographs, I knew what I was going to do next. I got interested in Documentary Photography,Photojournalism, although I loved doing Wildlife photography, taking photographs of animals was a way of appreciating the nature and secondly, I was brought up in East Africa which was natural for me to love what I have been watching since childhood. (that doesn’t mean, we had lions and tigers at home) In my first year of university, I continued to document different people in different places, talking and questioning them improved my confidence levels. I finally chose Photojournalism as my carer, but had a second option as a wildlife photographer.

I am more interested in working for a company or department rather than working alone as a Photojournalist, after looking at my recent projects, team support works for me better. Talking about the market, I did my placement with a newspaper in Uganda which was a good experience and beneficial to the company, and not only that I also worked with Save the Children,a charity organisation who works in 120 countries,trying to give the children there rights. For now, I would like to look at newspapers, TV channels, Police/Army, Charity Organisations and departments who need photographers to document places and people.

In the recent years, I have been inspired by Steve Bloom, who has photographed both the wildlife and the people of Africa, although he has moved all over the world. What inspires me is the work especially his new project called “Living Africa”, I call my self lucky because I attended his latest exhibition which was in Kent and not only that I also had a small chat with him about the way he takes photographs  . Secondly, I am inspired by my professors, who gave me support and directed me to the right path


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