Ideas and Development.(presenting the work)

After the symposium, it was time to concentrate on the exhibition and how I was going to present it. In this post, i wont be talking a lot about the title or the theme of the work I am going to present but will instead look at the different ideas I had on how I could develop my work for the exhibition. For the exhibition, I wanted to do some thing different, which could pull every thing together and would bring a connection.

First Idea.

In my first idea, I planned to make a photo book using the photographs I had taken in December 2013. The idea was to make a “story”using the pictures and show my journey to the place I went (Karamoja) I was not sure about the size of the book but planned to print different sizes of photographs especially from A4 to A5. Just having a photo book looked simple for my theme, so later on I thought of adding some thing, some thing which could be a backup to the book I was making, so I planned to make a photo film, the idea was to record my self, me talking about the journey and showing photographs that I had taken on the way with some video clips, for that I made a small demo, the reason why I made the demo was to predict on how attractive it looked with the photo book I was making, I noticed, I was almost repeating the same thing. I wasn’t really into making of photo books since university had started but later on I had lost interest in the whole idea and planned for some thing else.

Second Idea.

Leaving the first idea I moved on to another one, I thought of hanging my photographs on the wall in a sequence keeping in head that I was telling a story, I was interested in showing my photographs in A3 sizes or having them printed in Large sizes. In this idea, I also planned of framing the photographs, I was thinking of selecting the best 10 photographs, but at the same time I was worried about the space. There was a limited space for every one in the exhibition. Coming back to the idea, I felt like there was some thing missing, I thought of printing small sized photographs and hanging them in between the big prints and not forgetting to write a small introduction about the project, which will be printed and hanged on a side. The reason why I was showcasing(hanging) my work in that way was because I wanted the audience to take time while exploring the whole project unlike having a photo film where the audience had to wait to see the project from the start. As I did for the first idea(demo), I made a “skeleton” on a paper to see how it works. For me, it didn’t go well as I expected it to be, I didn’t want to show a white background as it wouldn’t look natural nor didn’t want to get a background from google etc. I was more interested in making my own items for the project.

Third Idea.

Not liking the first and second idea, I sat down with Matt one of the professor’s on the course, he showed me a few photographers and one of them was Poppy. Poppy, who had over lapped his photographs using a projector to project his work on a wall which was painted white. I got inspired by his style of working and looked at his work. I noticed for such style, I needed a large white wall which looked hard for me and I loved working with mixed medium, although I kept Poppy’s style of working in mind.

As I still have some time left for my final I kept on looking at works of different photographers and artist so at this point I did not finalise how my work would be shown at the exhibition.



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