Steve Bloom

One of my inspiration was Steve Bloom, a South African photographer based in London known for his wildlife photography and especially photographing the remote areas of Africa, looking at different tribes and cultures from different parts of Africa. Most of the major projects of Steve Bloom are done in Africa although he has some minor projects outside Africa. What inspires me about Steve Bloom is the style and the way he selects his position to shoot the subject, Steve Bloom works with both coloured and black and white, but in my project I will only work with coloured photographs.

His latest project called the “Living Africa” is a big inspiration apart from his other projects, Living Africa brings a combination of the tribes in remote areas to the wildlife in Africa, appreciating his work, I planned with my sister to see his exhibition in Kent on the 5th of April.

For me as a photographer Steve Bloom is the future of modern/digital photography and a inspiration to the young photographers who like or explore places in Africa.


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