Poppy “Trails of Afghan Heroine”

In this project, Poppy follows the path of international production of heroine from Afghanistan to London, From the East to the West, his concept was to open/expose the way heroine was sold. The project started in the early 1990s as a news assignment with a close collaboration with Knoth and De Jong. This journey begins in Afghanistan moving through central Asia, Dubai, Somalia and ends in London. In this project, the audience does not only look at the drug exporting routes but also prostitutes, drug addicts and border guards. Poppy tells us a different story, of a place facing danger as a result of multiple threats, drugs, international crime and the spread of AIDS.

What’s so special and why I got inspired by his work is because of the style he used to show his project, over lapping photographs was a good idea and worked for Poppy. His “Journey” was inspiring although a risky one but also relates to my project”My Journey to Karamoja”at the same time,my story is different.


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