Tim Hetherington. “The Sleeping Soldier”

Tim Hetherington being a war photojournalist who captured moments of intimacy and absurdity in the war of Afghanistan, a 4 minutes video project called “The Sleeping Soldier”. Tim’s style of working in this project was almost similar of Poppy but there was a difference, Poppy used photographs to over lap each other where as Tim made a video, in the video, the audience listens to the Ambien sound for example helicopters, gun shots and soldiers shouting. For me, this project shows a story, a story of a soldier, like an imagination of the sleeping soldier. In the 4 minutes video, the audience understands and feels the environment of a war and maybe how it could be painful under such situations. What’s so special about this project is that no background is used and instead natural sound is used to bring the feeling of the place. There is an answer of every question in this short video for example if I say what’s happening, who is the subject and so on.


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