how should I present it.

Alright, after looking at a few ideas, I planned to bring all the ideas together and see what I could do with them, In my final exhibition I did not want to show a simple presentation of my work. My final idea was to bring all the ideas together to form a piece, and for that mixed medium was the key.

First of all, I started by looking for a background, the background was the second most important aspect for my project. In that case I questioned my self, what would suite the main body of my work, Keeping in mind, my project was about Karamoja, a dry place in Uganda, so I thought of some thing which could give the feeling to the audience of that place and looked for an object with rough textures. I was clear that I did not want to use any photographs from the net, but a picture taken by my favourite photographer called Steve Bloom gave me an idea of what to use.

After looking at this image which was used in the project called “living Africa” by Steve Bloom, I then thought of using a net for my background for my project, I looked at hunting/camo nets which had leaves on them, green colour did not match with my project so later on I planned to spray/paint the net and leaves in brown to show a dry place.

Later on, I planned to install a screen in the middle of the background, for now I am not sure what I am going to play on the screen(maybe the story of the journey) but I wanted the screen there because I wanted the audience to listen on what was happening and what the project is about, I did not want the audience to look at the photographs and move out,this is because I wanted the audience to explore or to understand the project. I was inspired by the work of Poppy, who used the screen to over lap his photographs for the project called “Trails of Afghan Heroine” although mine would be in a different style.



The main part was, how I was going to show my photographs that I took in Karamoja, at this point I had selected a few photographs but at the same time I was not sure if I was going to add more photographs, so coming back on how I was going to show my photographs, I therefore did a small research and looked at a few photographers and artists on how they presented there work so that I could get an idea, while I was searching for ideas, I came across to this blog named as “rockmywall” , which had different ideas on how one could show there work, most of the work was in collage and I was impressed by the way photographs were arranged especially this one(look below).


Therefore I planned to make a photo-montage, the idea was to stick all the photographs on to the background I had selected, I first thought of making all the photographs in A4 size but this was not convincing, so I changed the plan, I wanted to print different sizes let me say for example A3, A4 and A5. The reason why I changed the size of the photographs is because I wanted the main/strong photographs to stand out than the supporting photographs on the background. I wanted the audience to see the strong pictures clearly which actually showed a meaning or what the place(Karamoja) looked like. For me, there was some thing missing, I had a feeling that I should provide supportive work or maybe saying giving evidence to the audience and more about the project.

Just to add supportive work, I planned to print out newspaper articles about Karamoja, the reason why I wanted to add the newspaper articles in my project was because I wanted the audience to read on what’s been happening in the recent years. As a photojournalist, collecting information as much as I could about the place was one of the major aspects in the final project. The question was, how am I going to show the newspaper articles? I did not want to stick them or scan them because I wanted the audience to feel free by choosing there own topics on Karamoja for example lets say Politics or maybe sports. Later on, I thought of spreading all the newspaper articles on a small table. Well, I was interested in a table made out of wood or a table made out of bamboo sticks to show the African look.



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