Barkcloth as picture back drop.

After I made my final idea for the exhibition, I wasn’t confident and thought twice about the background, I was not so sure on how to stick or attach the photographs on the Camo/hunting net. One of the main reasons were because of the texture of the Camo/hunting net, and yet I needed a rough texture for the background. The second reason was, the net I wanted to use was plastic made which did not suite the whole project and neither looked natural. After doing a bit of research on African art(because my project was about a place in Africa), I chose to use the bark cloth for my background.

So basically, Bark cloth is a soft, thick and slightly rough textured made out of trees. It is called the “bark cloth” because it has a rough texture like the tree bark. The bark cloth material was commonly used in Asia and especially in the African culture. This material has been manufactured in Uganda for many years as it has been the sole representative and it has been used for cultural dresses, curtains e.t.c.

I got my inspiration from the Ngonga clan who have been manufacturing bark cloth for the Baganda royal family and the rest of the community in Uganda for many years.


After finalising with my background, I called my dad, who was in Uganda by then, I asked him to order a 3 by 3 metre bark cloth for me, two pieces were joint and sent to me by the air mail from Uganda to UK. In 2 to 3 days the bark cloth arrived and there fore had a look into the well packed box, opening the bark cloth, I thought of giving it a different touch, making it a bit old and rough than it was. Burning the edges was the idea.


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