“Living Africa” exhibition by Steve Bloom.

In the Easter break I travelled to Kent with my sister to see Steve Bloom’s latest project called Living Africa. The amazing project is a personal journey talking about landscapes, wildlife and human life from remote tribal areas in Africa. In this project, Steve Bloom takes 236 amazing photographs. I admired the Silver back mountain gorillas in Congo, black rhino drinking at moonlite, migrant workers toiling in a gold mine and so on.

The book “Living Africa” has six main topics namely The New Day, In the Omo Valley, Struggle for Survival, African Journey, In search of Tranquillity and The Gold Mine and Cities.

Gold mining  Migrants workers toiling in a gold mine.

I am inspired by all the projects Steve Bloom did but Living Africa is close to me and especially looking at the ” In the Omo Valley”. The Omo valley is located in southern Ethiopia near the border of Sudan, a home to many remote tribes, tribes like the Dassanech, Karo, Myangatom and Mursi are most threatened cultures in Africa. I always admired the rich culture and how the tribes managed to maintain there traditional practices for example if I look at the Karo people who are known for body decoration using white chalk, charcoal and so on.

When I first looked at the Omo valley, It was hard for me to have eye contact with the pictures that Steve Bloom took especially the close-ups of scarifying the skin, but later on I learnt and understood the culture of the tribes found in Africa. I really appreciate there culture and would love to learn more about the way they live.

A small chat with Steve Bloom.

A small chat with Steve Bloom.

I questioned Steve Bloom about his technique of taking photographs and what was special about his photos, he told me that he likes to take photographs against the light which would bring out color contrast. For me, his photographs explain the story behind it. With passion and interest for the subject creates a unique photograph which the audience loves and understands the narrative.



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