First Interview (354MC)

So this module wanted us to interview three professionals outside of the university but at least one of the interviewees should be from the area to your career choice and at least one person in a completely different area to your career choice and the third choice was up to us.

My first Interview was with Mr. Ahamed Malik, the director of Gosford Estates, a residential and property management company with the knowledge of the local property market, they are dedicated to finding the perfect property match for both tenants and landlords.

Informally, I questioned Mr.Malik on what where the most important points while starting up a business like his. According to Mr.Malik, Research was the first point while starting up a new business, he also talked about the demand of the clients where as keeping in mind location was one of the most important points, he explained to me about the location and said the more the place is busy the more chances of getting customers like his working place which is on a highway, and lastly he talked about the experience one has in the field.

As Mr.Malik continued his talk, he also mentioned about the SWOT. His Strength was knowing the market and the place as he was born and brought here, his Weakness was that his office was on a high street where he could not expand his business easily, his Opportunity was that international students and other foreigners coming in the city, and lastly talked about his Threats which where the competitors in the same field. Before starting the business, Target audience matters for example students, family and working professionals said Mr.Malik.

I quoted Mr.Malik where he said,“should always open a business in which you have a keen interest, its not always about the money but also its important to enjoy your daily work and look forward to on coming challenges”. 

Later on, he also talked about having good management skills for examples lets say, handling money. Before starting the business, advertisement of the business would be the best, awareness to the target audience of a up coming business make it easier.

As he explained to me about the most important points while starting a business, the second question I asked was about running your own business. Mr.Malik talked about Marketing, letting the target audience know about the business, the second point he told me was the quality of the service/product you provide to the customers, for Mr.Malik it was important that if the business was profitable of not, he took special note on advertising, and told me once the business starts costs are supposed to be down for example costs of equipment, printing paper, internet bills and so on.

The third question I asked him was about the future of the letting companies or businesses, “students will never buy a house they will always on a short basis year to year so this cycle rotates” Mr.Malik said to me. He told me recently there are new families who immigrate and university does help alot because of the students who need accommodations and like always the university is expanding which gives the business all the opportunities.

And lastly, I asked him what does he expect from a new student who has just graduated from the university, The main thing for Mr.Malik was a business plan, he expects to bring more business in the company, innovation was his first point, he expects the graduate to know all the new methods of making a profit for him for example use of new software and the latest technology like using the digital marketing tools. He expects latest strategy and less use of paper use.






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