Third Interview (354MC)

For my third interview, I planned to meet one of the professional’s in BBC Coventry/Warwickshire, at that moment I was not sure who to meet but I wanted to have a small interview with one of the reporters. Later on in the evening, with out contacting the reception of BBC, I entered in and talked to the receptionist in a polite way and explained to her what I was studying and why I wanted to talk to the professionals in the BBC, she then suggested a number of people I could talk to via email. The first person I emailed was Faye, a photographer who works for BBC but eventually I did not get a reply, so I went on and emailed another professional who is connected to BBC but officially does not work there, Kevin is a videographer who works all over U.K and uses the BBC studio for his personal projects. After emailing him, I got the reply as shown above.


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