Reflection on Interviews.

Before starting the interviews with the professionals, I planned to write a few questions for example What are the most important points about running the business/company for a new graduate?, What advise can you give as some one starting a career?, What do you expect from a graduate?. The three people I interviewed were from different professions where as for me their was a connection between the professional’s field and mine which was photography. The reason why I was interviewing the professionals was because I wanted to learn and gain some thing for my future.

After interviewing the three professionals, I learnt a lot of things from starting the business to running the business. When I talked to the director of a letting agency, I learnt about the first rules in a new business which were Research, Demand, Location and Experience. For a business, SWOT and target audience must considered in mind, going on I also learnt management skills were a must in a business for example lets say handling money, advertisement and awareness of the target audience. I noticed from the interviews quality of the service or product you provide matters and keeping on records if the business is in a loss or in a profit. Senior members want to see new graduates creating new methods of making money for there company and innovation was an important point if applying for a job. Not all graduates would create there own business just like me, so I went on and talked to a videographer who works and uses the BBC studio for his personal projects, I was very interested in asking about making new projects and I learnt from him that a starter should make sure that he/she has a really good idea and that you really know about, creating a plan would work too. I personally want to join any company/organisation and work for them, but I learnt from the videographer interest and self motivation could do the trick. Talking about organisations, I went on and interviewed the manager of save the children in the west Midlands, even before applying for a job in a selected organisation especially if we talk about Save the children which is a massive organisation and works in 120 countries need volunteering which helps you get first hand experience, secondly when I was working in a team with Save the children, I questioned the manager, what she thinks about team work in an organisation, she replied back and said, massive organisations need team work and team work is important.

I personally think after doing the three interviews with the professionals, not only learning the skills and how to carry on your career but under-stud the passion and dedication for some thing is a must, The most important point for me was to make contacts after the interview as the interviewees got to know me and especially the manager of Save the children who talked to me about there organisation which I was interested in. Talking to professionals and listing to there stories motivated me more and my self confidence increased.Money is not every thing but its important to enjoy the job you are doing.





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