Final idea for the degree show

My final idea was to have a bark cloth at the background with different sizes of photographs on it, having a screen in the middle of the background, newspaper cut outs on a table and a map stuck on the background showing my journey to Karamoja.

I shared my idea with a few friends and class mates, they were happy to see my project but also said I could do more and expand the project. Personally, I felt my project was not strong enough. I wanted to send a message through my photography, at this point I was not sure what the message could be. I thought of adding another journey in my project, so basically the final project was going to have two stories (journeys) in one project. Having two stories in one project needed a connection and that’s what I required now. For me to connect the two stories together, I needed a little bit of research and inspiration. After doing some research, I showed some interest in the movie “Precious” which tells two stories at once. Essentially, the movie Precious was based on a novel by Sapphire, the first part of the film is about Precious her self, a character who has been in difficulties and having problems from her family specifically her mother and father. Even after being troubled by the family members, Precious has the capacity of being happy, on the other side director Lee Daniels and screen writer Geoffrey Fletcher adds desire sequences that aren’t in Sapphire’s novel, while Precious is getting rapped she imagines herself in a movie premiere and that’s how the two stories flow.

Looking at the movie “Precious” I learnt that the worst things can happen to any one but life still goes on, the movie was motivating and that’s where I planned to make some thing like that for the audience. In that case, I looked back at my history and thought what could I add with the journey to Karamoja. Two things were important to me, the first one is coming to University and the second one is going to Karamoja. The community of my place said, I wouldn’t go to university because of my incident which happened when I was 11 years old.

Here, in the final idea I will not explain what happened when I was 11. I took this as a challenge from the community( I still came to University to study) and therefore planned to talk about the incident as my second story for the project. In my final project the audience will listen to my personal story about me being refused to travel to Karamoja and my incident when I was 11 who was challenged by the community on further studies. Finally, I knew I was going to make a project which motivated people who think they cant do it or what ever the case maybe.






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