Final Project Proposal

My Journey To Karamoja.

My journey to Karamoja is the story of wanting to go somewhere that I was told I would never be able to. It’s about wanting to  see for myself if this place would live up to all of the stories I’d read and hear, about warriors drinking blood and bandits with guns. It is also the story of a 11 year old boy shot in the head who wanted one day to go to the university.

Karamoja is a region in the northern areas of Uganda, famous for its rich culture and unity, it’s a 6 hours drive from the capital city of Uganda named as Kampala. In the past years the Karamojong were people who disagreed to disarm themselves and didn’t follow the law until recently this largely frontier region was given its own government and promised to work on this dry land,As per now, the first lady Jannat Museveni was chosen as the minister of Karamoja and started a project of mining gold and fuel from the area, which has led the development of the area.

Getting here was for me is like getting to the end of the world – even though I’d travelled much further in my life already but this place held a special significance.I have gathered media coverage of the event from that time and will draw upon more combined with a documentary story that I have begun describing a physical journey to karamoja . I imagined it to be like the work of Steve Bloom, Peter Beard and George Rodger. But like Steve Bloom and George Rodger , the journey was significant on another level. Like the way Steve Bloom photographed the Masai tribe in Kenya and looking at his new project called “Living Africa”, not only that, George Rodger who went to Africa after photographing the liberation of Bergen Belsen and documented the tribe in South Sudan.


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