Final Idea for Presentation.

In this post I will talk about the presentation of the final project in the exhibition. Adding another story in the project meant changing the idea of presenting as I planned before, and for that I had to rethink about the presentation. Secondly, I had to rethink about the photographs also that I was going to use in the exhibition. The concept “the journey” was almost the same, but the style of presentation changed completely.

Before I even reselected the photographs, I wanted to make sure how I was presenting my work, just to get ideas I looked at a few artists who worked with double stories. After looking at a few projects I noticed most of them were films/movies or books for instance the work of  Greg Berlanti, Marc Gugenhaim, and Andrew Kreisburg, one of my favourite writers and producers who made a television series named as Arrow. In the series, the audience watches flashbacks of the character called “Green Arrow” so basically the viewers watch the past and the future of the character in the same serial. The other one is a book named “Blu Rose and the Land of Saunt, Blu Rose and Land of Saunt” by Robert Pew’s. Robert Pew’s explains in his book by saying, The first is thematic “by learning to know yourself you will learn to know others”; the second story thread is “people mature to make the dreams  of their minds the dreams in their hearts.” ).

I had two options of presenting my work now, the first one was making a photo book and the second option was making a photo-film, I had less experience in book making so planned to make a photo-film, for me a photo-film will best describe my work, I was given 2.5 metres of space so I planned of using a projector instead of a Mac, the reason why I used a projector is because I didn’t want to waste the space.

A mini Mac was used to display the photo-film which had a connection to the projector, so basically after finishing the project, I used a flash drive to drug the needed files into the mini Mac and onto the desktop. I used the VLC media player to play the photo-film and from the settings I selected the repeat option, which played the file repeatedly.


Two headphones were connected to the mini Mac where the audience could hear the audio and watch the pictures at the same time. The audio had the real story and pictures were used to express my story. Later on, bark cloth was used to wrap around the stand where the mini Mac was set, I wanted to give an African touch to the place and also made a home made book created out of bark cloth for the audience to comment on.


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