Reflective report

In this post I will evaluate my project and the exhibition its self. The IMG_19 opening night was on the 30th of May 2014 and was a success, the IMG_19 team estimated that around 150 people attended the exhibition. Personally, in terms of my work I got good feedback from the audience as they really appreciated my work, and connected to my personal story emotionally. I made a small home made book and left it near the headphones for the audience to comment on my film. It was great talking to different people and explaining more about my work, the place I photographed and my personal experience about the project. Through my project about my journey to university and Karamoja I wanted to motivate other people to feel stronger in life and not give up in front of challenges.


Skills and ideas that I developed.

The practical part of the project was very challenging especially when it came to photographing the people of Karamoja, the Karamojong are people who dislike getting photographed, this was one of the biggest challenges I faced while working on the project but to overcome the problem I won there trust and became friendly to the people I was told I should never speak to, for this reason my family was also skeptical at first. During my journey to Karamoja, I was able to understand their culture and way of living in a better manner.

The most difficult aspect was the editing and selecting the images. This took a lot of time because of the large collection of images that I shot (about 300 photos in total and video footage), and also had to edit the images according to the focus of my project. I decided about the order of my final sequence after getting feedback from other professional photographers. Changing the initial presentation idea from using a bark cloth with physical photographs to a photo-film was a bit challenging due to time pressure. Coming to the technical aspects, I could have done more work with the audio if I had learned more tools about the software. Using the projector for presenting my work was a good idea but I was not happy with the extra lighting near the screen, I should have projected the photo-film in a dark space for clearer images, in the future I will make sure that the space is adapted to my work.

As I am hoping to motivate other young people, who will have to face difficult situations while growing up, I think that the best context to show my work would be educational charities. Having worked with Save the children before, I am hoping to show my project to some of the children they work with.

Talking to different people and appreciation from the audience improved my confidence levels. In addition, filming and photographing at a different locations was a good experience and especially learning new software’s like Adobe Audition helped me in my project and will also be useful in my professional career development. In the future I am hoping to go into documentary film making.


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