Final Film and Reflection.



This story is about Friendship, basically the story talks about best friends who helped each other, trusted each other and loved each other.

Why I decided to create a short film was because I am inspired by the people who are acting in the film. Another reason could be, is that I wanted to show the bonding of international students who come from different parts of the world to a place for studies and in that process how they become best friends.

Personally, I believe friendship is part of life, some friendships last for long and others are casual. In my short film, the audience will see how friends get concerned and worry about in what is happening as well as try to take away the bad moments. The short film will have three parts, starting from the part where the main character in the film relaxes on her bed to the part where her friends come to visit her, and ending with the part where the character becomes happy to see her friends who had brought gifts and so on.

Making this short film is like expressing myself and the friendship that I have kept with my best friends back in Uganda for over than 19 years. Even though i’d meet many people and make friends all over the world but the friends in Uganda who understand me and stud by me, whether I was sad or happy, made a very big difference. I did justice by doing the same to them. Once Muhammad Ali said, “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. haven’t learned anything.” I strongly agree with what Muhammad Ali had said.

I imagined this short film to be like the work of director Ramesh Sippy, Photographer Nan Golden and Spirit Of Friendship: A Short Film About 5 Friendsby idea supported by Twilight Entairment.

But like Ramesh Sippy who directed a bollywood film called Sholay in 1975 and Spirit Of Friendship: A Short Film About 5 Friendsin 2011, the work was so special and on another level. Like the way how Ramesh Sippy directed actors like Amitabh and Dharmendra, showing a story on true friendship and how one could sacrifice their lives, not only that, Photographer Nan Golden who wrote the book “The Other Side” and “The Devil’s Playground” where as photographed her gay and the drug addict friends in America.

From the experience of making this short film, I think I should take out more time in filming, personally I thought I missed some important shots like doing a dolly shot. On the other side, I had the chance to meet different people although I knew the main characters. Every film has its own weaknesses and specialties.

As I conclude, my short film spreads a message of loving each other, helping, and keeping unity in friendship plus I believe and this film shows why friends are important to us. I hope my short film inspires other people too as this short film has no age restrictions and opened to every one.

Muhammad Talha Hassan



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