Another Point of view

Task 1

“This exercise is all about looking at a familiar enviroment in a new and exciting way. You will explore your “neighbourhood”(up to max 100m of where you live) and your home will be the subject for this project.

Working within this confined area, you need to take six pictures from a “worm’s eye view. The six pictures should take on a child like approach, not only in height but also in the wonderment of rediscovering the common place.

Concentrate on finding exciting angles and thinking about some of the compositional points discussed in the session and reading . Your pictures can be close up or even abstract, but think  about continuity between your images and especially about what they say about your neighbourhood.

From your six pictures choose your best three and post them on your blog. Add an explanation about what you feel you have achieved.”

Photographs taken by my phone Nexus 5 LG.







So basically in this mini task I will be exploring my neighborhood, I stay in a student accommodation called Callice Court which is near approximately 7 minutes walk from my university and is located at Gosford street with nearby take-always and supermarkets. This makes it an ideal place for students. The student hall has both international and local students with different backgrounds.

Image 1 shows a photograph of the accommodation itself, parking space for the vehicle and a bike stand, the first time I saw this place, it made me happy as it had everything. In Image 2, I tried to come closer to the building where I stay by taking a mid-shot from a worm’s eye view showing a shared dust bin just before the entrance of the building, the accommodation had made a room for the dust bin but was always full and the unwanted was not taken away in time which also brought bad smell, and now coming to the final Image, the third photograph was taken in the kitchen of the place where I was living, the kitchen was shared between 5 people and from different backgrounds, the problem was some people cared cleaning up the mess and some didn’t, which brought up issues. What I am trying to say is, from outside student life looks good but from inside it’s different.


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