Starting Points for Final Project.

So basically, for the major project this module is asking us, through a set of 5 to 10 photographic pieces to examine the source of pressures within society to confirm or adjust our behaviour and appearance. We may look at stereotypes, racial, gender, class or religious issues. In this module, we are allowed to use others to portray our own views or may explore the notion of self portraiture.

As a photography graduate, I did many projects on storytelling on different topics. In this module we were expected to experiment with different approaches and challenge the boundaries of visual photographic expression. I therefore went back and looked at the previous projects I did. Just to remind the audience, this module was more of portraiture. As being a photojournalist, I was still intreseted in telling a story but using portraits. Questioning my self, I asked can an artist tell a story using portraits and how? and what do I need to find out?. I therefore looked at a few photographers who worked with portraiture to help me get some inspiration, reminding my self I did not specialize in portraiture.

Ben Moore

2015-10-01_0003   2015-07-13_0007

Ricardo Liberato


Mary Wilson


After looking at the photographers work, I noticed most of them where about emotions for example smiles, people crying and others shouting. Now at some point I had a clue of what I wanted to do. I was sure of doing some thing different, but related to emotions, the question was how am I going to relate emotions with storytelling.


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