Tell me a story-Mini Task 3

“In this project you are asked to produce a linear narrative that tells a ‘story’, which has a beginning, middle and end-in that order.”

Good Morning         (Nexus 5 LG) used for the photographs.

img 2IMAGE 1

img 1IMAGE 2

IMG_20151020_132247IMAGE 3

IMG_20151020_162836IMAGE 4

IMG_20151020_142302IMAGE 5

So basically, I am telling a story of my daily life routine using five images, for this mini task I chose to share my mornings and how they start almost every day. Image 1 shows the viewer a carton, a hand and natural sun light at the background, so my morning starts with waking up and opening the cartons to get the natural light. In the second image, I tried to show a untidy bed, but basically after opening the cartons I look for my phone on the bed.(the bed is not arranged). Looking at image 3, we see a toothbrush, water and a hand, so this means, I brush my teeth and wash my face. Then coming to image 4, the audience sees water boiling in an electic kettle, basically I then make tea for my breakfast and finally in image 5 I have the tea while watching cricket. Thats how my morning starts what about you?


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