Emotions and Relations

Basically after looking at some images relating to portraiture, as in my previous post I said most images showed emotions, to continue my research I looked at a book called “Emotions and Relations”. This book has works of 5 photographers but the one I was mostly interested in was called David Armstrong.

boy5 david_armstrong

The subject in David Armstrong’s work is always serious and relexed. Nan Golden, a photographer and David’s great friend said, “he does not direct the person”, which also meant the images that are created are natural.

David Armstrong’s work is characterized by great levelness and coolness. He concentrates on two main areas which is the portrait and landscape. David seems to take hold of life in his portraits as the perfect example of the subject or the person. In the book, the author says, “People reveal their inwardness, but feelings and relationships can only be guessed at subliminally” and continues by saying, “It does not go further than the hint of an emotion, or the assumption that the person could at any moment speak or smile”.
Basically, David Armstrong often focuses on the subject than the background, and that is why the backgrounds are unfocussed. Mainly the subjects are changed into a flow of light and shadow. The author also explains that the photographic works brought together are visualisations of human beings in their vulnerability. What is strong about his work is the natural emotions the audience sees. The image its self tells on what is happening.


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