Working with the 35mm camera and darkroom

Basically, we were given 35mm cameras and were diveded into two groups, our main objective was to get basic information about the 35mm cameras and how to shoot them, other than that we were allowed to use the darkroom and learn the developing process of the film. As a group we were asked to look at four major aspects. The first one was Technique which included slow shutter speed, depth of field, available light and trying a light meter, secondly, we looked at the angles which also included above your head, get somewhere high, get down low, thirdly, we took note of the composition, where we had to shoot on half body, as close as possible, hidden in the shadows, rule of thirds and lastly we looked for text, organic, finding a pattern and an object that we can find every where. We finally had to combine some of these elements above.

Photographs. please note. images not in there original color and size.

TAL_1624 TAL_1625 TAL_1628 TAL_1629 TAL_1631 TAL_1633 TAL_1635 TAL_1636  TAL_1642 TAL_1643 TAL_1644


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