what am i? Stand and Hit.

This task is about text and images! In the coming days, we are doing a studio shoot and will have to use text and images in all together. The topic will be, “what am i?”. This means, personally we will be wearing what we want to be. Basically, this topic will help us make our final project….


Stand and Hit.  


“I played cricket since childhood, what I enjoyed the most was batting, my job was to open the batting and hit runs as much as possible, my nature was different, I didnt like running between the wickets, my plan was to stand and hit, if i missed the ball it made me furious and angry on the ground, I kept my eyes wide open and concentrated on the ball”.

The Image shows a mid-shot portrait with a black background, the photographer focussed at two main things, first the expressions of the subject and secondly the clothes of the subject, these two elements told the story of the photograph. The viewers can see the serious face of the subject in sports wear. To make it more intense I then changed the image into black and white. Another reason was, i wanted to light up the face and the lines on the clothes, in other words these two focussed parts stand out from the background.


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