Development and Final idea.

In the previous I have been looking at emotions and how I could tell a story using emotions. I love telling stories about my past and that helps me to motivate others. The big question I had was how can I motivate the young generation? and to do that the best was to be an example, what I normally do is to choose a phase of my past and share it with the audience. They are many stories to share but one of the strongest is about my Grandmother and my bonding with her and the passion I have for cricket.

“I won the match for my team and didn’t know I had lost my grandmother”

The first idea I had in my mind was to photograph my self out doors using natural light in different poses and emotions or reactions for example being sad, happy or furious. The emotions I wanted to show were, being sleepless, confident, proud, happy, furious, hope, surprised, sad, pray and miss. These emotions sum up all that happened and has a connection when I lost my grandmother in 2009. Here my plan was to take mid-shots of the body, this is because I was mostly focussing on the face to show the expressions of the subject and what he was wearing(clothes give a clue on what the subject was doing that day). Coming to the style of presentation of the project, I thought of mounting my images on a foam board and then sticking to the wall, so it was more of a gallery type. As I was using 10 images in total to tell the story, I thought of using A4 size for the prints, this is because I didn’t want to occupy a lot of space on the wall and wanted the audience to view the images closely from one to the other, basically the point was to bring out the story easily but seemed this project needed an explanation to the viewers. As this project needed an explanation from the creator, I basically planned to explain every image by talking live infront of the audience, this was a special project for me and I was not confident enough of talking infront of the viewers because this project was more of a personal one and emotional too.



Getting an idea, how it would look on the wall.

Secondly, when I did my shoot out doors, I noticed the background didnt match with the story I wanted to tell. In the background there was alot of destruction for example different colors shades and so on, which also didnt suite the subject. Adding on this, I noticed the subject was not coming out of the background technically which was a big issue for me.

This meant I therefore had to develop my idea, still staying with the same concept, after dropping the first idea, I went back and looked at more photographers so that I can get an idea on how to continue my project. After looking at many photographers on the internet, Paul Burns, a portrait photographer inspired me. For more information on Paul Burns please visit his website


looking at Paul Burns portrait works, I thought this was better for my project rather than doing an outside shoot. So, basically I came up with my final idea here, the only thing which changed was the background although I thought of other things which I will add in my blog later on, my idea was to use a black background because I wanted to show the subject from the background, and there was a color contrast also as the subject was wearing bright colors where as the background was in dark shades, let me make this clear, only one image was not taken in the studio, the image which repressented the emotion sleepless, this image was taken in my room. Continuing the project, I thought of making some of the images in black and white depending on the emotions used. The reason why I wanted to make the images in black and white is because I believe black and white can work best with sad images for example crying although others may not agree. As I was confident with the studio shoot, I came back and changed my mind for the style of presentation.(reason explained above). The best option for me was to do a digital presentation instead of speaking to the audience. As a story teller, the main point is to spread the message to the audience and what they learn from the story told, but on the other side it is very important to select the best medium suited for the story. In my case, I believed a photo-film would work best, so for the final idea, I wanted to make a photo-film. There was no point of just adding images in a film with out a voice, so to support the images I planned to record my voice using my nexus 5 smart phone. please note, the images and my voice go with a flow. For me, I believe the narration should be strong with the rules of having a “starting, middle and an end”as I can connect to David Campbell who tells the audience that, “the event is not what happens. The event is that which can be narrated”.( I personally wanted to bring my feelings out and wanted my story to be as natural as possible, for this I wrote down the story and would imagine my self speaking it to the audience.(story will be added on the blog later on). At this point, I can not assure the audience on the timing of the whole photo-film but expected it to be around 2 to 3 minutes in total. As this project is connected to my past and emotions were used, I titled the project “Emotions and Memories“. The emotions are about the feelings as the memories talk about the past. Adding to this idea, I was planning of adding background music to support the audio, but noticing one thing, I wanted the audience to feel my voice, so I removed the background music because it was mixing with the audio. I thought of keeping it natural.


Basically this video was my final piece but I disagreed some how on the image sequence or arrangement, Looking at the story line and the images, for me it was to clear and straight forward for the audience, the images and the audio were in a flow which was too simple to understand. After looking at the simple flow, I thought of changing some things but keeping the same images and the audio. I wanted the audience to gain more interest and think what is next?. For that, my idea was to change the image sequence from a flow with the audio to a random one, basically this brings some more suspense in the story and forces the viewer to think more, secondly I wanted to keep the same timing of all the images, the reason for this is because the audience can have more time on looking at the emotions and actions of the subject. In addition, I also added a comment at the end of the video giving a message to the audience. The final video will be uploaded on a another blog post later on.


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