Paul Burns

In this post, I have selected a few photographs from Paul Burns collection done in the studio. Here I will challenege his work as I have disagreed with a few things considering to the technical aspects in photography.



Image 1 is a portrait of a child taken in the studio, the photographer decided to take a mid-shot, focussing on the face to bring out the expressions of the subject, here, we can see the background is white and over all the image has been changed to black and white and mostly having bright colors in it. The image is sharp and clear. Some how on the left side, the arm has been cropped but what disapoints me here is the colors used as the background has the same colors of the subject. The subject is blending with the background especially looking at the lower part of the image. I would appreciate it if the photographer had taken this shot on a black background as the subject was wearing bright colored clothes, in this the subject would have differentiated from the background and would be seen easily.

Image 2


Image 2 is a bit different from image 1. Image 2 shows a mother giving love to her child, this image is more natural because none of the subjects are looking at the camera, here we can see the bonding of a mother and child. As we can see the image is in black and white having a white background but what makes it different from image 1 is the dark and bright color combinations. In this image the subject is wearing dark colored clothes where as the background is white, this brings out the story of the mother and child. (love). In this image, I can see the connection due to the expressions as it is well detailed and focussed, but personally I would love to see the image in colored as I believe black and white suites sad and negative stories or images for example crying, fighting etc. After looking at these two images, the question I have is, does color matter to bring out the story? Does color selection make the image stronger?. In the end, its up to the photographer on how he creates the image but it is very important to explain what the image portrays at some point.


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