Emotions and Memories story line

“On the October of 2009, my mother’s travelling ticket was arranged immediately, I had an idea why she was going back to Pakistan leaving me, my younger sister and my dad. The next day, I had a cricket match with the two times champions, on that day I was sleepless.
At 8 o’clock in the morning I got ready while wearing my wrist band and at that moment I was asked by my dad if playing the match was important. I said yes confidently and started packing my cricket kit because this was a do or die match and I was so proud of being the vice captain of the team remembering only the best ones are chosen to be the leaders.
Reaching the ground, I was happy to see the boys doing some warm up exercises, after some time, the toss was done and we selected to bat first, I was so furious to see the other team and promised myself to give the best. While batting I kept on motivating the other batsman.
My team made a total of 138 runs, which gave me a Hope of winning the match. As we started bowling, the opponent team got out on 130 runs and I was surprised by the performance of the juniors. This made me realise hard work pays off.
Later on in the day, I went back home just to get a shock of every one wearing white clothes, I questioned myself, what does that mean?. Someone told me my grandmother had passed away. This made me sad and my expressions changed. I would have stayed back and prayed for my grandmother because for me elders are like shadows, there are always besides you and should always be respected. This taught me a lesson and should always think before you do something. I miss my grandmother’s stories and will always remember her. I won the game but lost some one special.”


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