Make me Laugh

“In this mini task, the students were asked to make a story using images to create a comical narratives”. For this task, I decided to do some thing different, I was basically taking photographs of squirrels in the park and thought I could bring up an imaginary story. The scene had both pigeons and squirrels adding to that there was a metal rail also. At the site, the pigeons were sitting on the metal rail where as the squirrels were playing around the metal rail, I imagined the pigeons to be the police and squirrels being the thieves. Using three images I made up a story and named it “Jail Break”.

Image 1TAL_2158

In image 1, I imagined the squirrel being behind the bars, here the subject was looking at the metal rails.

Image 2TAL_2148

In image 2, I imagined the squirrel coming out of the jail after breaking the metal bars.

Image 3TAL_2097

In the final image, I imagined the pigeon looking for the squirrel after the jail break.

For this task, basically I had to use a fast shutter speed because of the fast movement of the subject especially the squirrels, it was tough to capture them. Secondly, the position and angle was another important aspect again especially for the squirrels, the metal bars were  wide open and the squirrels could enter in between easily therefore to make the story look natural and original, selection of angles and positions were very important.



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