In this post I will assess my project called Emotions and Memories. The project was part of my pathway module called Photography and Media under the M.A Communication, Culture and Media. Relating to my project, I shared it with my fellow classmates who gave me positive feedback when I explained my work to them and they really appreciated it. It was also great talking to the classmates on getting different ideas and how to display projects. The reason of making this project is because I wanted to be an example and motivate the other people especially the teenagers to have strong hearts, to respect others and to love the elders, this project also tells the audience of not giving up in front of different challenges. At some point this project also shows the different phases of life where one has to fight to overcome the problem. This story also tells the viewers that hard work is important if you want to reach your goal but most of all this photo film is dedicated to the people who also lost there loved ones.

Skills developed

Personally, I think the practical part of the project was a bit challenging especially when it came to the studio shoot as I am not someone who does studio shoots normally and prefer natural light, this was one the biggest challenges I faced but to overcome the problem I tried to do some research on studio shoots on the internet, watched tutorials online and saw some examples of the works photographers shared with the audience online. Secondly, I practiced in the studio with different lighting conditions and as I experimented with different lighting which included light settings, looking at shadows and so on, I also gained some knowledge about the whole concept of using the studio. This was also one of the reasons I didn’t want to do a studio shoot due to the less experience I had.

Another aspect that gave me difficulty was the editing process and selecting the images, basically this took most of the time as I had a large collection (120 images) and had to choose only 10 accordingly to the story I was telling which also confused me. Changing the original presentation idea from doing a gallery and speaking live to making a photo film was also hard due to the time I had. Coming to the technical aspects, I believe, I could have done more with the images if I had practiced more in the studio.


As this project needed good acting skills especially when it came to show the different emotions, I wasn’t confident but somehow came into the story and made it natural for the audience. Other than that, I learnt how photographers portray the subject using different styles of photography, in addition to this, doing this module and project helped me look at different artist which can be used in a different project.


As I am hoping to motivate other people, who will face such situations when growing up especially teenagers, I think it is good to share such stories with schools and educational charities. Talking to different people about my project left me confident with what I do, adding to that, photographing in a different style was a good experience and especially using the lights in the studio helped me do the project and will also be useful for me in the future as I want to be a photojournalist or a storyteller. Over all, I showed my feelings and shared a personal strong story which can help or motivate teenagers who aren’t confident due to the issues happen in daily basis all over the world.


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